Oct 192010

It appears that the Deed Administrators of the ION group of companies have not yet received an anticipated income tax refund of $13 million.

Why the hold up? Is the refund no longer anticipated? If so, why not?

The possibility of an income tax refund was first mentioned by the Deed Administrators, Colin Nicol and Peter Anderson of McGrathNicol, in their report dated 23 October 2006:

 “The Administrators have completed and lodged the income tax return for the year ended 30 June 2004 and are working on finalising the subsequent returns. These are expected to result in a refund of income tax, however the final amount is not clear until it is established whether the ATO will have any claims which it is permitted to set off against the refund. “

 The next word on an income tax refund came in the Deed Administrators’  report dated 15 March 2007:

“With the completion of the income tax returns for the year ended 30 June 2005 (covering all pre-appointment activities), the Administrators expect a refund of income tax instalments paid by ION in respect of the 2004 and 2005 tax years, in addition to a possible refund of tax paid following an adjustment to the 2003 tax year return. The final amount is not clear, pending further discussions with the ATO.”

 Then in the Deed Administrators’  report dated 30 September 2009, they said: “(we) are anticipating a cash inflow of approximately $13 million in the coming months from the receipt of an income tax refund”.

Then in their December 2009 report they said: “(we) were anticipating a cash inflow during the last quarter from the ATO in relation to an income tax refund. The payment of this amount has been delayed by the ATO and the Deed Administrators now anticipate payment in early 2010.”

The quarterly reports that followed contained the same information. On 30 July 2010 the Deed Administrators said: “the payment of this amount continues to be postponed by the ATO, however the Deed Administrators anticipate payment in 2010.”

Subsequent reports were made on 24 September and 14 October 2010, but these make no reference to the income tax issue, probably because the reports address shareholders rather than creditors.

What is going on?

[To read these and other reports go to http://www.ionlimited.com/ and click on the link to “Creditor information”.]

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