Feb 042015

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has modified the section of its website that provides advice and  information to insolvency practitioners on the various taxation questions and topics that pertain to them.    (Modifications made 29 January 2015.)


The following headings in red are links to the subjects on the ATO page:


Insolvency Practitioners

Contacting us about insolvency

“How to contact us regarding insolvency matters.”

Online services and forms

“Here you will find the Business Portal FAQ, Voidable transaction claim form, Appointment or cessation of a representative of an incapacitated entity form and Debt insolvency cover sheet.”


“Administrative obligations of external administrators in both personal and corporate insolvency.”

 Disclosure of taxpayer information – insolvent entities

“You may need to access information we hold to help you administer an insolvent estate. The information we disclose varies depending on the type of insolvency administration. Find out how to obtain this information from us.”

Preference payments

“Information for insolvency practitioners seeking recovery of voidable transactions.”

Indemnities for trustees and liquidators

“What trustees and liquidators need to consider when making an indemnity request to the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation.”

Superannuation and insolvency

“Information about how superannuation affects insolvency administrations.”

Reports on our management of insolvent entities

“Independent reviews into our decisions to enforce insolvency.”

Shares and securities

“Claiming capital losses on shares and securities that are declared worthless.”

PAYG withholding

“Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding is a system that collects tax from the payments businesses make to employees and other businesses, so they can meet their tax liabilities. Information is provided here for external administrators and trustees of bankrupt estates to understand what they need to do to meet their administrative obligations under the PAYG withholding system.”

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