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Created December 2017. Last updated 17/4/2018

NOTE: ARITA restricts online access to subscribers to its Journal (currently $45 pa) and to ARITA members. There are 4 journals each year. To subscribe, email publications@arita.com.au

Title Author Date Link to Contents Page
30 years of the Journal Peter Gosnell, Business Writer March 2018 Vol 30 #01
State of the Profession Survey John Winter, ARITA    
Elders: Restructuring a corporate icon Peter Gosnell, Business Writer    
NOCLAR: What it means for you Agnes King, Business Writer    
Solvent and insolvent loan to own strategies Anthony Sommer, MinterEllison    
Anthony Sommer, MinterEllison Helen Anderson, Melbourne Law School    
A case for insolvency law reform in Australia Neil Hannan, Thomson Geer Lawyers    
PPSA and extensions of time to register: What you need to know Leigh Adams, Owen Hodge Lawyers    
The hidden dangers of winding up partnerships Department of Jobs & Small Business    
Fair Entitlement Guarantee Department of Jobs & Small Business    
Digital transformation, client experience and more Australian Financial Security Authority    
Prospective fee approval, safe harbour and more Australian Taxation Office    
Registration committee requirements, interstate appointments and reviewing liquidator funding Australian Securities and Investments Commission    
Good Practice: A quarterley round-up of the ARITA Specialist Team's work on law and practice issues Kim Arnold, Narelle Ferrier and Mark Wellard, ARITA    
Q&A: Your technical insolvency questions answered Kim Arnold, ARITA    
Insolvency case reports Mark Wellard, ARITA    
The confessions of Andrew Fastow: a unique perspective into ethical failure and how to avoid it (from jailed Enron CFO) Charles Cunninghame, ARITA December 2017 Vol 29 #04
Leading the corporate turnaround: the role of personality and style-preference in leadership effectiveness Kim Pan & Paul Vorbach, Academy Global    
HR for insolvency firms in 2018 Agnes King, Business Writer    
The May 2017 change to "PPS lease": understanding priorities in PPS leases Peter Mills, Thompson Geer    
No love on the Cummins principle: determining the distribution of matrimonial property in bankruptcies Sayward Brest & Stipe Vuleta, Chamberlains Law Firm    
Recoveries against related entities; lessons and considerations from a recent insolvency trial Andrew Lambros, Bennett & Philip Lawyers    
Security for costs: can evidence of a policy from an ATE insurer suffice? Kim May, Litigation Lending    
Employment: Fair Entitlements Guarantee update Department of Employment    
Employment: new rights for creditors to request information Department of Employment    
Law reform, international liaison, corporate plan and more AFSA    
Building confidence, creditors meetings and Business Portal access ATO
Working cooperatively, creditors' requests for information and more ASIC    
A round-up of the ARITA Specialist Team's work on law and practice issues ARITA    
Safe harbour guidance for ARITA members ARITA    
Recovery of ASIC industry funding levy ARITA    
A round-up of the latest insolvency case law ARITA    
CONTENTS PAGE ONLY September 2017 Vol 29 #03
CONTENTS PAGE ONLY   June 2017 Vol 29 #02
CONTENTS PAGE ONLY   March 2017 Vol 29 #01