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"Corporate Insolvency Updates"

from Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
Last updated 28 April 2017

Title Date issued ASIC Webpage Contents of Issue
ASIC Corporate Insolvency Update -
Issue 1
September 2016 Link 1 1. Registered liquidators - what does 'good' look like?
2. The impact of law reform on registration and maintaining registration as a liquidator
3. Raising director awareness of the risks of poor advice
4. Appointments where an improper purpose exists could cost you
ASIC Corporate Insolvency Update -
Issue 2
October 2016 Link 2 1. Tranche 1 of insolvency law reform commences 1 March 2017
2. What RLs had to say at our October liaison meeting
3. Independence: Perceptions are important
4. ASIC continues to prosecute directors for not providing RATA and records
5. ASIC releases report on corporate insolvencies
6. The latest insolvency statistics
ASIC Corporate Insolvency Update -
Issue 3
April 2017 Link 3 1. Practitioner remuneration the Sakr Nominees decision
2. Industry Funding Model for ASIC
3. New guide released by AFSA, ASIC and ARITA
4. Insolvency Law Reform
5. Treasury Laws Amendment (2017 Measures No. 1) Bill 2017
6. ASIC welcomes client money reforms