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Last updated 11/12/2017

NOTE: Access to those sheets, guides and news stories marked with this symbol - - has been restricted by ARITA to members only

Number, etc. Type of insolvency Title and description Last updated/Date
  Corporate and Personal Information for people in business and their advisers (by ARITA, ASIC and AFSA) March 2017
11302-INFO-Proposals information sheet v1_0 Corporate Information sheet: Proposals without meetings.
For creditors in a liquidation, voluntary administration or deed of company arrangement
July 2017
INFO-Proposals- information sheet-(personal)- v1_1 Personal Information sheet: Proposals without meetings
For creditors in a bankruptcy or personal insolvency agreement (referred to jointly as a "regulated debtor estate")
July 2017

Information sheet: Creditor rights (liquidation)

July 2017
  Personal Information sheet: Creditor rights in a regulated debtor estate July 2017

Information sheet: Creditors rights (voluntary administration)

July 2017

Information sheet: Remuneration of an external administrator

August 2017

Information sheet: Committees of Inspection

July 2017
  Personal Information sheet: Committees of Inspection July 2017

Information sheet: Offences and recoverable transactions in a voluntary administration

August 2017
  Corporate Overview of Insolvency - corporate insolvency August 2017
Both ILRA: 1 September commencement uncovers more legislation errors 4/9/2017
  Both ARITA templates for ILRA released *updated 4 Sept*  Templates for ARITA members only 4/9/2017
  Personal New compilation of Insolvency Practice Rules (Bankruptcy) available 6/9/2017
  Corporate  Recovery of the ASIC user pays levy 6/9/2017
  Personal  Full Federal Court rules on asserted ‘abuse of process’ by presentation of debtor’s petition 7/9/2017
  Corporate The safe harbour is now open 19/9/2017
  Corporate Federal Court decision: Linc Energy issues extend beyond mining and natural resources appointments 20/9/2017
  Corporate New Compilation of Insolvency Practice Rules (Corporations) available 22/9/2017
  Both Federal Court decision on PPSA and bailments: Is there a ‘PPS lease’? 22/9/2017
  Both ILRA FAQs - updated 26 September 2017 26/9/2017
  Personal Bankruptcy decision: Can a court extend the 60 days to apply to set aside a s 139ZQ notice? 26/9/2017
  Both ILRA: Second list of requested 'fixes' to legislation 29/9/2017
  Corporate ILRA and early destruction of books in court-ordered liquidations: NSW Supreme Court decision 29/9/2017
  Corporate ARITA releases research paper on liquidator independence 18/10/2017
  Personal One-year bankruptcy bill introduced into Federal Parliament 19/11/2017
Corporate WA Court of Appeal delivers decision on liquidator independence 1/11/ 2017
Corporate Queensland Court of Appeal decision demonstrates the reach of existing ‘anti-phoenix’ provision 7/11/2017
Corporate Joinder of multiple defendants to liquidator recovery proceedings: Recent judgment and rules reform 13/11/2017
Lock png Corporate Guidance for members on the recovery of ASIC industry funding levy 15/11/ 2017
Corporate Safe harbour guidance 15/11/2017
  Corporate "The Safest Harbour" - How to protect yourself if your business is in financial distress 21/11/ 2017
Corporate WA Court of Appeal decides whether general security interest attaches to terminated-DOCA fund 28/11/2017
Personal 1-year Bankruptcy Bill referred to Committee: Report due March 2018 1/12/2017
Corporate Amendments made to Federal Court (Corporations) Rules 5/12/2017
Corporate Liquidators' claim for remuneration and expenses out of trust property: Qld Supreme Court decisions 6/12/2017
Corporate Liquidators allowed remuneration for work done under invalid appointments: Federal Court decision 8/12/2017
Personal Debt Agreement Reform Bill referred to Senate Committee 8/12/2017
  Corporate Senate Inquiry gets it wrong on rural receiverships (ARITA media release) 8/12/2017
Both References to "old" (pre-ILRA) legislative provisions: Interpretation legislation may assist 11/12/2017